Welcome to Maartense Logistics 

Maartense Logistics B.V is an independent storage and transport company specializing in petroleum products and Jet Fuel, petrochemicals and biodiesel. 

The competence and actively of the staff are also important to Maartense Logistics B.V success. Along with the modern quality materials and modern facilities, this are what create a truly reliable company. Maartense Logistics B.V has customers all over the world with its main focus on all ports in Russia, Europe, Asia and United State. 

Maartense Logistics B.V renders many more services in related to storage and transshipment of petroleum products of all kind to customers all around the globe. 

Another important habit of the Maartense Logistics B.V. take into account is punctuality and schedules are taken seriously in the company. Arriving more than 15 minutes later than the agreed time will be considered as rude and too late. If this should happen, you must try to call in advance to say you will be late.
Maartense Logistics B.V. on Reliability is a refereed journal for the reliability and allied disciplines including but not limited to maintainability, physics of failure, life testing, prognostics, design and manufacture for reliability, systems of systems, network availability, mission success, warranty, safety, and various measures of effectiveness.
Where activities take place, there is a need for proper monitoring. Maartense Logistics B.V. enables highly trained security experts available, each one with extensive experience in the field. To reduce the risk of accidents or incidents.