About us 

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About Us

Maartense Logistics B.V is an independent storage and transport company specializing in petroleum products and Jet Fuel, petrochemicals and biodiesel. 

The competence and actively of the staff are also important to Maartense Logistics B.V success. Along with the modern quality materials and modern facilities, this are what create a truly reliable company. Maartense Logistics B.V has customers all over the world with its main focus on all ports in Russia, Europe, Asia and United State. 

Maartense Logistics B.V renders many more services in related to storage and transshipment of petroleum products of all kind to customers all around the globe.

Our clients;

Our main clients are oil, gas and wind energy companies, port operators, governments, shipping companies, international project developers, mining companies and insurance companies. 

Our experts
Maartense Logistics B.V has more experience experts who are driven by a passion for their work and an entrepreneurial spirit. We understand that delivering a project safely, on time and within budget demands professionalism, building trust, teamwork and close cooperation. Maartense Logistics B.V is able to build a team around your needs with our global team of professionals from a wide range of disciplines. These include hydraulic, civil and marine engineering, ecology, morphology, geology, geophysics and marine biology. Combined with key competences ranging from project management, operations and risk management, we are focused on achieving the best result. Staff training and development are major priorities at Maartense Logistics B.V.
Our futures
Demand for our services is driven by growing energy consumption, growth in global trade and a growing world population, as well as climate change.We operate worldwide but concentrate on regions that have the highest growth expectations for the energy and ports markets. This spread gives us both a solid foundation and the flexibility to be able to secure a wide range of customers, as well as providing good prospects for balanced and sustained growth.

Management team 

General Director

Kloop Van Williams

Head of Operational

Lucas Andrian Carlos

Head of Logistics

Julius Van Mathew